studioUAP, in Rome, founded by Silvia Cioli, Luca D’Eusebio and Andrea Mangoni, works mostly on the design of public space and has been awarded for the participatory processes adopted in designing projects. studioUAP is now focused on landscape urbanism research, having in the years investigated the city of Rome, the urban public space, landscape and shared urban gardens. Since 2012 has been appointed by the Appia Antica Park to activate an abandoned area where a new public space and edible garden, the Hortus Urbis, is chorally built and maintained.

Have worked with studioUAP:

Valeria Barzetti, Yesenia Castellanos, Roberta Chieppa, Alessandra Colella, Alessandro D’Emilia, Francesca Di Cintio, Jena Difrisco, Giacomo Di Rienzo, Giovanna Dominijanni, Federico Fabiani, Sara Moyano Fernández, Fabrizio Finucci, Italia Fiorillo, Aileen Forbes-Munnelly, Teodoro Fumi, Spenser Gruenenfelder, Carmen Lenina Guerrero, Métilde Harvard, Gina Harvey, Imani Jackson, Antonio Liantonio, Giulia Napoli, David Pulju, Luigi Russo, Andrew Sargeant, Elisabeth Simon, Alec Singer, Claudia Spanò, Melody Stein, Annabelle Steinbach, Rudolf Uhlemann, Marta Zunin

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